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easyDNA - Your local provider of DNA testing. We offer a wide-ranging spectrum of tests, including a test for ttsovstvo is the most popular. This is the most reliable way to confirm the biological relationship between father and child. As an experienced provider of DNA testing, we can help to dispel any doubts about your genetic relationship.

Our home paternity test for one alleged father and child is available at a price of 3000 UAH . This price includes everything you need for the test without any additional costs and expenses. Results are ready in 30 working days from receipt of your samples by the laboratory. easyDNA also offers express services with finished results within 15 working days! To preserve the confidentiality of the results are sent via email the person who ordered the test. As soon as we confirm your order within a few days you will be delivered to the set for a DNA test. Set extremely simple and easy to use, since the sampling will be performed by conventional cotton bud!

You can be completely confident in the accuracy of your results, because all kinds of DNA testing conducted by our laboratory, which has a high standard of accreditation and vast experience of the DNA testing. It analyzes the DNA of the 24 genetic markers to provide absolute loyalty to the test. The result confirms paternity with 99.999% accuracy. If the father is not the biological father of the child, the accuracy of the refutation of paternity will be 100%.

While we work with large volumes of tests, we understand that every single customer is very important and we take into account the fact that the situation that prompted him to turn to conduct DNA testing can be quite emotional. Our customer service is fully trained in order to make services as simple and clear. Contact us to discuss your specific case with one of our skilled workers.

In addition to testing for paternity, we provide a full range of services for conducting tests to establish kinship , which may help to establish biological kinship-type brother / sister, uncle / aunt, grandfather / grandmother. These tests are useful when the father is not available for testing.

In cases where it is not possible to use oral cotton swabs, easyDNA offers services for improved expert analysis of DNA, with which you can successfully test a large number of non-standard samples, including DNA testing of hair, cigarette butts and sperm with high chances of success. Please go to page Custom samples for more information on these alternative types of samples.

For more information about our DNA test to establish paternity, we recommend to contact us directly to discuss your particular case in more detail.

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